Born into an artistic family, Michael Chaikin has earned a reputation of being a versatile sculpture maker. Chaikin was born in Kingston, Surrey in 1957 to an average English family. His father was an architect and his mother a school teacher. I had the pleasure of seeing some of his sculptures at the Majlis Art Gallery in Bastakiya. The video showcases one of the pieces that I had seen at the above gallery in Dubai.

Here is an interesting video on how he works on the metal sculpture. Seems like hard work, but a man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do (especially when he’s passionate about it!).

Career Switch

Chaikin earned a degree of MBBS in 1981 and became general practitioner in medicine. It was in his practice when he thought that medical profession was not what his soul was made for. He joined Eastbourne Art College and then Falmouth School of Art to quench his thirst for the art. He earned a graduate degree in Fine Art/Sculpture in 1990 and became a professional sculpture maker. He attended ceramics classes in the art college initially but later found that sculpture making was his natural art.

Inspirations for Michael

The working machineries and moving toys always fascinated Michael in his childhood. The art works of Alexander Calder and Jean Tinguely inspired him from the beginning. All these inspirations derived a love for sculpture making in Michael Chaikin who has since 1999 participated and hosted many one-man shows and exhibitions throughout Europe with tremendous success.

Michael’s Work of Art

His artistic underwater world of copper creatures and moving mobiles and at Kestle Barton has attracted many visitors. The moving fish created through hanging mobiles gives an astonishing show to the visitors of the exhibition. Michael is in the sculpture making art for more than twenty years now. He has successfully conducted various exhibitions in London, Paris, Hamburg, and throughout the UK. He had a tremendous exhibition in Majlis Gallery Middle East in 2011.

Visit Michael Chaikin‘s website and be inspired.

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